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Areca Leaf Matters.

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The Art of Reusing the Eco Friendly Areca Leaf

We at “Leaf Basket” aim to reduce the impact on our environment by creating and promoting Eco Friendly Disposable Areca/Palm Leaf products which are being produced with the sustainable resource (made from fallen leaves – 100% eco friendly) through an eco-friendly process (no chemicals or additives used) and make sure it is acceptable to Earth when disposed of (biodegradable & compostable).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Packaging Process

1. Collection

The eco friendly disposable plates are collected from the manufacturing unit.

2. Cleaning

Plates are cleaned using freshwater and removed from dust.

3. Stacking

Plates are stacked into one upon another based on client requirements to make a set.

4. Silica Gel

Silica Gel Packet is used as a moisture absorber for each set of plates.

5. Shrink Wrap

Each set of plates are wrapped using Polyolefin 19 microns Shrink Film.

6. Packaging

The sets are packed using 5ply/140GSM Corrugated Boxes.

Domestic Pricing

We have separate pricing for domestic markets within India.

Export Pricing

We have separate pricing for international markets including packaging too.

Our Clients